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Our Females

Breeding Purrrfection

This is Fenway's Moira of RexOpulence
aka "Moira" 

She is from the world renowned Fenway Cattery and is an absolute stunning foundation Queen for our breeding program. Her pedigree is as exceptional as is her personality and confirmation.  A very heartfelt thank you goes out to Nancy Dodds (Fenway) and  Mariln Martin (Beaconwood) for entrusting me with their precious lines.  Moira is very excited to get out on the show circuit now that Covid-19 is a bit more under control.  We do have a boyfriend for Moira and are looking forward to future breeding with this absolute stunner!!!
moira posing.jpg

This is Alexis (Wanessa) of RexOpulence 

She is from the spectacular CorBri Cattery in Russia. She too has an exceptional pedigree, confirmation and "velcro"  personality. Alexis will be making her mark in the show circuit very soon.  We will breeding her to Patrick in future and look forward to an incredible litter.  Stay tuned!!!!
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